Monday, December 31, 2007

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

WEEK 2007....
Harmony Week has been huge, lots of fun for all...

Monday - Harmony Week Assembly.
First we had the Chinese Dancers who were lovely
and graceful... Next was Reneti from Year 3 who looked beautiful in her traditional Indian Dress and who very accomplished doing her traditional Indian dance. The third item was a lovely Turkish princess in pink filmy outfit, who with help from her aunty as her partner, did a beautiful Turkish dance together. By the way, Aunty had just arrived from Turkey the previous evening.

Tuesday - International Luncheon, Face Painting for Seniors
I visited many rooms and there was an amazing range of foods for the students to taste and they were having fun trying the different foods - A big Thankyou to all the parents who supported us so well. Ms Stanyer who has just come out from the UK did a great job training some Year 7 girls to paint flags on the students.

Wednesday - Cricket Australia’s Biggest Cricket Game, Face Painting for the Middle Block
Lots of students played cricket at lunch time with the aim to encourage children to celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion through Australia's favourite sport, Cricket, whilst reinforcing the ‘Living in Harmony Programme message. Thankyou to Mr J for setting it up...

Thursday - Chinese Tasting and Face Painting for Juniors
Ms Zhang and Mrs Reynolds organised the Chinese Tasting at lunchtime with Spring Rolls and Prawn Crackers for sale. Ms Stanyer continued the great job on the young faces.

Again many thanks to all the great work done by the committee, parents and all the others who helped make it such a great week....Thankyou, Mr Meachem


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