Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lapathon 2009....Thursday 18th June

The Lapathon went well on the day until the weather decided to spoil our fun. We had been watching the weather on Perth Radar all morning and it looked like it would be clear after recess. We got away with it for a while, but inevitably the showers interfered and the students were disappointed not to be allowed to complete their laps. Early next term we will have an awards ceremony for the highest fundraisers, so please get your money in as soon as you can.
Here is a short clip of the students enjoying themselves at the Lapathon Mr Johnson has the music up loud and the teachers and parent helpers are ready to stamp the Lapathon sheets recording the laps students have done...Thanks to all those parents who helped out and who came along on the day...sorry the video quality is a bit average - it was taken on a digital camera...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week 7 Assembly - SIMS Music

Aussie of the Month Winners - "Trustworthiness"
Anna, Indi and Chloe...congratulations girls, well done.

Thanks to Mrs Waugh for taking the photos and video this assembly...

Item Videos, Certificate and Award Winners
to come...

Senior Percussionists...
Mrs Robinson has been working with the senior student to develop their percussion skills
which you may have heard if you have been in the school they show you their
skills and the great job she has done with them...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jam in Art Today...
Mrs Keesing organised her two sons, Matt and 'Jeed'(Jordan) who are former students at Oberthur, to come and pose for Senior Art today in Areas 7 and 8. They brought their electric guitars and amps to pose with and ended up having an impromptu jam session for the students at the end. The students really enjoyed it and they did some terrific portraits of the boys beforehand as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Recent Events at Oberthur...

In-Term Swimming Finishes
In-Term Swimming is over for another year and apart from some early ripples, it has run quite smoothly, especially considering the time of the year we were allocated and the closure of the Leeming Swimming Centre. This put added pressure on nearby centres and necessitated us combining junior and senior groups so the whole school went together. We have sort feedback from our staff and are looking at what we can do to improve things next year.

Digital Microscopes and Forensic Science
Our recent purchase of two Digital Microscopes have excited Mr Simon Lewis, father of Evan in Area 2 and husband of Tracey, our P&C President. Simon is here on Thursday from Curtin University to work with our senior students on some Forensic Science activities as a part of their science classes with Mrs Waugh. The activity they were doing yesterday was on fingerprinting and the new microscopes were great for viewing the childrens' prints 'up close and personal'. At 200x magnification the sweat pores along the ridges of the prints were clearly visible. The microscopes are capable of taking photos and video clips and include software to put images and clips into a presentation format.

Solar Boat Challenge
Mrs Taylor recently attended an information session for the 2009 Solar Boat Challenge. This involves students designing and building solar powered boats to take on challengers from across the state. At this stage Mrs Taylor is looking to work with students to upskill them on all they need to know about mounting a successful challenge with the aim of working inhouse this year towards mounting a full challenge next year. Last year, with the help of Mrs Joanne Kirker, Angus's Mum, we were successful in receiving a $2500.00 grant for BP towards Solar Panels and Renewable Energies Program in the school. Some of this money will buy the panels and other resources Mrs Taylor will need for the Solar Boat Challenge.

Storm Downpour
The recent storm and resulting down pour last week, left the school under a lot of water with the gutters and downpipes having difficulty in coping with the deluge...

Cross Country Practise
Over 60 of our students have been coming to school early several morning a week to practise for the coming School Cross Country. The recent mornings have been fairly cool and even quite foggy on one particular morning this week. The school cross country is to be run on Tuesday 16th June with the Interschool Cross Country taking place in Term 3. Hopefully these keen students will again do very well at all levels as in recent years with a win in the Interschool.

New Classroom Furniture
Mr Bamber has been updating classroom furniture with new metal storage cabinets, 3 drawer filing cabinets and bookcases. Classes have also had new Tote Trolleys and computer tables in some classes, with teachers also benefitting with new ergonomic chairs. Thanks to Mr Bamber I have a new soft grey melamine desk, upgraded from the old 50's or 60's Jarrah one. Mr M