Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crafty Ladies Already Hard at Work...
The Crafty Ladies who meet on Wednesday mornings in the uniform room, are already hard at work making things for our students to buy for Mother's Day in May. If you can help out, come along and join them and enjoy the banter and a cuppa, as you help to make all those wonderful things the kids love to buy for their mum for that special day. See the look on their faces as they choose from all the things you have helped to make.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Week 3, Term 1 Assembly - Year 3, Area 9

The students from Year 3, Area 9 did a great job of running the assembly and did a very entertaining item about the need to save and recycle water. Unfortunately my video has an issue and I can't get it to play, so if anyone out there has a copy they could give us to upload for all to see, we would be very appreciative.

.Photo 1 - Mr Bamber speaking to the assembled classes and parents, Photo 2 - Mr Bamber wishing Ron , our very capable gardener, hanyman a Happy Birthday for Sunday, Photo 3 - Mrs Zhang, our Chinese teacher announcing the winners of the Panda Award. Click on the photos for a closer look....

Merit Certificate Winners
Congratulations to all the winners this month, especially Area 8 who had 2 class awards, one the Panda Award for most improved class in Chinese and in Music for being the most improved class. See the boys at the front with the Panda Award.

Congratulations to John, the first of our Chinese students to get an assembly award.

Click on the photo to see a closer view...

Golden Broom Award
This was a close contest for the cleanest and tidiest room between Area 11 and Area 2, with Area 2 just managing to ease in front. Both classes will receive certificates, but Area 2 get to look after the new trophy until the next assembly. Well done to both classes, especially Area 2.

Assembly Award
Again a hard one to choose between with Areas 12 and 4 being very close , but the award went to Year 1/2, Area 4 who were just in front. Congratulations to both classes.


Congratulations to our new School Councillors and Faction Leaders for 2009... School Councillors (above left) Front - Jeff, Hon Choon,Taleisha and Tanya. back - Eunice, Tina, Michaela and Aanchal. Faction Leaders (above right) Gold (left) - Beau and Kayleen, Red (centre) - Andrew and Jessica and Blue (right) - Andrew and Ali

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Testing Our New Wireless Laptops...
Area 11, Year 4 have been testing our new wireless laptops this afternoon to check they are all working correctly. We had some issues with two of the twelve machines, but we are hoping to have these quickly sorted and back in regular use soon. The children share laptops and remaining students access the classroom desktop machines. The wireless access allows the students to use the computers within 40 or 50 metres of the base station access point, plugged into our network on the laptop trolley. A class could even go out and sit under the trees to do their computing activites. All classes can access these laptops for 2 one hour blocks a week as well as their 2 blocks in the computer lab. There are a huge number of things students can do across all learning areas on the laptops, so these machines will be well used...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Young Cartoonist Comes to Oberthur...

Philip Hew, Talented Young Cartoonist works with our senior students...

Mrs Keesing has arranged for Phil to work with senior students and from what I saw they were really enjoying the opportunity, including our newly arrived Chinese students, who join the students in Areas 5, 7 and 8 for the afternoon sessions. Phil has a lot of talent as a cartoonist and has worked with the artist who produces Spiderman, another very talented local artist. We have Mrs Keesing to thank for arranging these lessons for the students.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Assembly 2009...
Term 1, Week 1, 2009
Congratulations to our new Student Councillors, Hon Choon and Tina who did a great job of running their first assembly.
Assembly One Certificate Winners...Congratulations

Congratulations to all these students on getting a certificate in their first week back at school in 2009, especially to all the students in Area 10, Year 3,4 who Miss Nenke decided all deserved a certificate and so gave a whole class certificate.
Assembly Award Winners
The Assembly Award winners for this assembly were Area 9, Year 3. Well done to Ms Roper's class.
Golden Broom and Panda Award winners will begin at the next assembly in week 3.

Chinese Students Arrive...

The twelve Chinese students visiting for the term arrived between Recess and Lunchtime Friday.They are all boys and speak very little English, although the young teacher with them speaks it well. The boys will be spending an interesting weekend getting acclimatised with their billiting families.