Friday, February 29, 2008

Assembly 2, Friday, February 29th 2008
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Congratulations to these Certificate Winners
Back Row: Carly E, Emma G, Lucy Y, Oliver S, Douglas G. Third Row: Nina _, Isabel Y, Ali I, Isaac W Second Row: Rebecca S (visiting from China), John H (visiting from China), Olivia C, Joanne C, Tracey H Front Row: Callum M, Zac _, Samantha M, Bartholomew T, Chelsea H, Tayla B.
Stay Tuned: It was Mrs Roper's Area 9, Year 2/3 Assembly this time and we will be adding a video clip of them singing one of their songs from the assembly, early next week...

Congratulations to these students who have been named as the Choir Captains for 2008....we wish them well in this important position...

Left to Right: Ainsley F, Tiffany P, Laura L and Jasmine S.

Friday, February 15, 2008



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Milly, Delia, Aswin, Lucy, Tom, Catherine, Xin Jie and Connor


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Emma and Mikhaile (Blue), Eloise and Julian (Red) and Giles and Claudia (Gold)
Assembly One, Friday 15th February 2008
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Certificate winners shown across the back left to right are:
Jayden L, Lisa P (visiting from China), Priya S, Leo C (visiting from China), Latisha D, Mikhaile W, Shannon H, Michaela C, Tommy E, Eloise W, Laura L, Evon S, Ainsley F, Emily G and Grayson N.
Certificate winners across the front left to right are:
Dhivyen K, Samuel M, Aubrianna J, Lachlan G, Jackie S, Naomi S, Aman S, Jasmine H, Chelsea H, Connor L, Guinevere S, Tiffany P, Laura T and Andrew T.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The visiting Chinese students are from the Beijing Huijia Private School in Beijing. If you would like to find out about their school and see some photos, you can see the school website at this address - or use the link in the column, right.
Oberthur students are featured with Mr Bamber during their tour in 2006.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

This week the visiting Chinese students joined the senior students in Areas 7 & 8 for Art. It went very well, with Miss Echo explaining the instructions to the visitors after Mrs McKay had explained to her students. The activity involved cutting out shapes from magazines on a colour theme and making an artistic arrangement on a sheet of white paper. A border of black card was carefully added to create a very dynamic effect. Everyone was very involved and helping each other where needed, with all the students and teachers enjoying the experience.

Last year our senior classes, Areas 7 & 8 had Mrs Keesing for Art and towards the end of the year they did some clay work. Mrs Keesing has now had those pieces fired and during the week I took some photos and she and some assistants organising them onto some panels for a permanent display around the school. We will let you know where they will be and when they will be up once they are in place.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thank you to the parents and staff who are billeting our visiting Chinese students from Huijia Private Primary School in Beijing. They arrived in January and have spent a few weeks doing an introductory program at Woodman Point before enjoying a few days in Sydney, then joining their host families at Oberthur on Saturday afternoon. The students are accompanied by their teacher whose English name is Miss Echo. Other students have come out also and are attending Bateman, Nedlands and Mount Claremont Primary Schools for seven weeks before returning to China. Our ESL, Teacher Mrs Cruthers, has been working closely with the students and they are also joining students in our senior classes for activities in the afternoons.

Here are the students with their teacher Miss Echo; Mrs Cruthers our ESL teacher; our principal Mr Bamber and Mrs McKay, our Year 6/7 teacher and coordinator for the visiting student program.

During the Christmas Break, some work has continued on the new undercover area and it is now getting very close to completion. Also during the break, the offices and a number of classes have had new carpet laid. Area 5 now has carpet for the first time, after having a tiled floor previously and I am sure Mrs Taylor will enjoy the quieter classroom. Carpet squares have been laid in the computer lab as these are easier to lay around the benches. Shade sails have been added between the undercover area and the junior block classes and the entry to the admin area paved in limestone slabs. Thanks to the hard work of Mr Bamber in bringing about these improvements and to the the P&C and parents in assisting with fundraising for them ...

Top Row: Photos of our new extension to the Undercover Area.
Middle Row: Photos of new floor coverings in offices, classes and lab.
Bottom Row: Shade sails in the junior area and paved entry to admin.