Friday, February 29, 2008

Assembly 2, Friday, February 29th 2008
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Congratulations to these Certificate Winners
Back Row: Carly E, Emma G, Lucy Y, Oliver S, Douglas G. Third Row: Nina _, Isabel Y, Ali I, Isaac W Second Row: Rebecca S (visiting from China), John H (visiting from China), Olivia C, Joanne C, Tracey H Front Row: Callum M, Zac _, Samantha M, Bartholomew T, Chelsea H, Tayla B.
Stay Tuned: It was Mrs Roper's Area 9, Year 2/3 Assembly this time and we will be adding a video clip of them singing one of their songs from the assembly, early next week...

Congratulations to these students who have been named as the Choir Captains for 2008....we wish them well in this important position...

Left to Right: Ainsley F, Tiffany P, Laura L and Jasmine S.

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