Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oberthur Art Show

Students of Areas 5 and 12 held their first Art Show in the library tonight. Many of the artworks were already purchased by parents and friends, but any pieces that weren't taken were soon snapped up in the auction by auctioneer Mr Bamber, our principal. Congratulations to all the students and their teachers, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Arnold on all the wonderful artworks the students had produced. They started by making their own timber frames and covering them in material before sealing them ready to produce their paintings. A great job...well done

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Last Thursday the 23rd of October at 11.30am Western Standard Time, Oberthur Students joined students around Australia to sing together. Led by Mrs Robinson, our Music Teacher and assisted by Mrs Retallack and some of our senior girls, all the students and staff in the school joined in to sing the song "Sing". View the video to see how it went...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here is a video of the Oberthur Students under the direction of Mrs Anne Robinson at the recent Government Schools Music Concert at Burswood. As the Year Sevens were on camp at this time the students here are Year Six and under students performing. Congratulations to Mrs Robinson and all the students on such a great performance. Thanks also to all those who helped to make it possible.

Here is Xin Jie playing here piano solo. I haven't included the beginning as there was too much camera shake. Jamin W also played a piece and unfortunately I wasn't able to be there then, but I do have a clip of him practising that I will post later....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

AREA 4 YEAR 1/2 ASSEMBLY Week 5, Term 3, 2008
View the video of their item about looking after your teeth...coming soon

Merit Certificate Winners
Congratulations to our Merit Certificate Winners...

Click on the photos for a larger view.

University of NSW Certificate Winners
Congratulations to these Spelling and Writing Award Distinction and High Distinction Winners

LOTE Panda Award Winners
Congratulations to Area 12

Assembly Award Winners
Congratulations Area 1

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Week 3, Term 3, 2008
- Here is the video of Area 3, Year 1/2's Assembly Item about a Princess and Prince...
Merit Certificate Winners
Congratulations to this assemblies Merit Certificate Winners...

Click on the photos for a larger view.
University of NSW Certificate Winners
Congratulations to these worthy winners too... They received their certificates from our District Director, Ms Pam Moss who was there for our annual quality assurance visit.

"Aussie of the Month" Winners...
The theme for this month was Generosity and these are the worthy winners...Congratulations.

Golden Broom Award
Congratulations to Area 1 for having the tidiest room...

Assembly Award
Congratulations to the Pre Primary...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

WEEK TEN ASSEMBLY....Friday 4th July
Congratulations to these Certificate Winners...

Senior Dance Group...
Congratulations to the Senior Dance Group and the Ballroom Dances they performed. They were very good.
The dancers came from Years 5 -7.

Broom Award Winners...
The Broom Award for the tidiest room went to Area 11. Congratulations to the Year 4's and Mrs Lowe.

Assembly Award Winners...
The award for the best class at the assembly went to Area 5.... Congratulations.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The winners of the recent Talent Search run by the School Councillors, performed their winning routines at the School Assembly, last Friday....
Here are Katie, Lara and Jasmine from Year 4, Area 11 with their third place performance in the Junior section...

Ritika from Year 2, Area 9, playing piano and singing for second place in the Junior Section....Thankyou to Mr Polak for this video clip...

Here is Laura T from Year 3, Area 10 doing her gymnastic routine to win the junior section of the competition....

Laura and Emily for Year 7, Area 7, with their second place performance in the Senior Section...

Here is Tiffany from Year 7, Area 8 doing her gymnastic routine that earned her equal first place in the senior section with Lucy on Piano.

Here is Lucy from Area 7, with her equal first performance on piano in the senior section, unfortunately the sound quality has been affected somewhat....

ASSEMBLY NINE...Friday 25th June 2008

Merit Certificate Winners...Congratulations

Aussie of the Month Winners...
Laura, Beau and Andrew...
Congratulations on their 'Excellence Awards'

Lapathon Prize Winners...
Congratulations to all our fundraising winners and thank you to our generous sponsors...Southlands Shopping Centre, Bull Creek Shopping Centre, IGA Bull Creek, Scitech, Hoyts Cinema Southlands, Cannington Bowl and Jungle Gym,
Willetton... Mrs Mawhirt is in the photo representing our family award winners
Cross Country Medal Winners...
Congratulations to all our worthy medal winners from the recent school cross country...
Chinese Panda Award Winners...
Well done to Area 5,Year 5 on winning the Panda Chinese LOTE Award for improvement in their Chinese...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At the recent Primary Principal's Conference, Michael Carr-Gregg, the renowned child psychologist, raised our awareness of the online dangers facing internet users particularly children. He recommended using a Family Internet Contract and the Free K9 Web Protection Software for educating and protecting our children during their time online, rather than stopping children from accessing all the useful and engaging resources available there.
To find out more about these resources, check the links in the right-hand column under Internet Safety Resources.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

ASSEMBLY 8 - PREPRIMARY - Friday 6th June
Congratulations Pre-Primary and Mrs Yates and Mrs Yallop on a great item and to the Classical Guitarists and Flautists also for the pieces they played...see the clips of their items.
Certificate Winners for this assembly

Chinese Panda Award Winners
Congratulations to Mrs Lowe's Class, Year 4, Area 11
Golden Broom Award
This assembly's tidiest class went to the Pri- Primary ...congratulations
Assembly Award Winners
Congratulations to Pre-Primary/Year 1, Area 1.
Mathletics Achievement Award
Congratulations to Area 10, Year 3 for achieving 3rd highest Class in Australia and 3rd highest in the World in Mathletics....a great effort.

OBERTHUR LAPATHON - Thursday 5th June
On Thursday we had our annual school Lapathon to raise money for additional school resources. Thanks to Mrs Reynolds, her helpers and senior girls who cut up the oranges to have during the Lapathon and for the hot dog lunch they made to enjoy afterwards. Thanks also to Mr J who organised the music to run along to during the event. Here are a few photos and video clip of the event.

Monday, May 26, 2008

ASSEMBLY 7, YEAR 3, AREA 10 - 23rd MAY 2008
Congratulations to Area 10 on their item. Mrs Waugh taped it and is going to give me a copy to post shortly.

Certificate Winners
Congratulations to our certificate winners.

Aussies of the Month
Here are our new Aussies of the Month who were handed their badges by the outgoing winners from last month.

Congratulations to Laura in Year 7, Area 7, Felicity in Year 5, Area 5 and Guinevere in Year 2, Area 3.

Chinese Panda Award Winners
Congratulations to Year 3, Area 10 for winning the award for the best workers in Chinese...

Golden Broom Award

This award for the tidiest classroom goes to Year 1/2, Area 4...Congratulations.
Assembly Award Winners
The award winners this time are Year 4/5, Area 12, just pipping Area 5 who almost won it twice in a row.
Chinese Announcers at Assembly...
For the first time we had Milly and Tom making introductions in Chinese following the ones in English. That is why we see them in cultural dress. We are hoping that this will continue to be a feature of our assemblies and provide a practical application for the chinese the students are learning. Thankyou to Mrs Zhang for setting it in place.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

NEWSLETTER No 7 - 13th May 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I can't show you a video clip of their performance until I get a copy of the video Mrs Waugh took. I didn't take one as she was in a better location...I will put it up as soon as I can. Here are the Certificate and Award Winners below...

Certificate Winners
Congratulations to our Certificate Winners...

1.Thomas M,
2.Matthew C, 3.Joshua K, 4.Naomi V 5.Cameron M, 6.Joyce W, 7.Elva C, 8.Nicholas B, 9.Courtney D, 10.Sumati G, 11.Zoe G, 12.Emma J, 13.Maddison T, 14.Thomas N, 15.Sagar _, 16.Grace D, 17.Victoria H, 18.Jamaine M, 19.Tristan F, 20.Jesse W, 21.Harry S

First Chinese LOTE Award
Area 9 has received the first LOTE(Languages Other Than English) Chinese Award from Mrs Zhang and take possession of the Panda until the next assembly. Well done Area 9...

Golden Broom Award
Well done to Area 11 in winning this award for the tidiest classroom

Class Assembly Award

Congratulations to Area 5 on winning this award.

Mother's Day Mums
The Mother's Day Mums are our Crafty Mums featured earlier who have been making lots of gifts for our kids to buy for their mums on Mother's Day and here they are helping the children to select one...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Area 3 an 4 students have been working as collaborative classes this year and enjoying rotating through group activities in both language and maths. Mr McLeish has been assisting in his support role and also some parents who need to be thanked for helping to make it all work... It's great to go in and see them all working away very busily as you can see in the photos... You wouldn't believe they are only Year 1 and 2 students...