Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lapathon 2009....Thursday 18th June

The Lapathon went well on the day until the weather decided to spoil our fun. We had been watching the weather on Perth Radar all morning and it looked like it would be clear after recess. We got away with it for a while, but inevitably the showers interfered and the students were disappointed not to be allowed to complete their laps. Early next term we will have an awards ceremony for the highest fundraisers, so please get your money in as soon as you can.
Here is a short clip of the students enjoying themselves at the Lapathon Mr Johnson has the music up loud and the teachers and parent helpers are ready to stamp the Lapathon sheets recording the laps students have done...Thanks to all those parents who helped out and who came along on the day...sorry the video quality is a bit average - it was taken on a digital camera...

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